Can I go to college in cali if I have a felony?

Just grabbed a class 4 felony obstruction of justice and a class a misdemeanor resisting a peace officer.. even though we all know this justice system is bull poop(you are not allowed to say “sh*t” on funadvice apparently)…I still get footed with the bill and the reputation once the charges are set. I liv e in illinois..and wanted to go to school in cali next year…can I do that if I’m on probation(I think I’m gonna get it for a year or 2)..or even if I’m not?

Answer #1

You need to talk to your probation officer. I’m guessing your question pertains to leaving the state? It probably depends on the terms of your probation.

Answer #2

You should be able to attend college, getting grants/loans might become an issue along with what your major might be and job prospects in the future.

If possible, try to get the felony dropped to a misdemeanor, you’ll have a much better life later.

Answer #3

depends if it’s formal or informal. informal you’ll be good you just can’t get in ANY trouble.

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