Can I get pregnant before I ovulate?

Can I get pregnant before I ovulation?

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I heard that the only firtle days you can get pregnant is 5 days before and 1 day after your ovulation day… after that the egg starts to dizzolve onthe lining…

Answer #2

yes. you can get pregnant at any time of your cycle…there are day when you are LESS LIKELY to get pregnant but your never 100% guarenteed. and yor especially at risk of getting pregnant if you didnt use protection

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Can I get pregnant if Im stress out?

Answer #4

Yes and no. First of all it’s tricky to know when you ovulate. Every woman ovulates at different times and sometimes more than once in one cycle. Do not follow a typical 28 day cycle that puts ovulation at the 14th day - that is not accurate. The only way to tell when you ovulate is to use a method called fertility awareness/charting. You chart your basal body temperature and cervical mucous daily for indications of ovulation. You chart this for 3 -5 cycles to get an accurate average for YOUR body.

Then you must take into account that sperm can live inside the vagina for up to 7 days. which narrows the window even more. If you ovulate while there are active sperm you can become pregnant. (actually this is how some people try to choose their baby’s gender. The X sperm which makes females lives longer.)

Do a search for Fertility Awareness or Fertility Charting

xox Sika

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