Can i get pregnant without having sex?

if a guy like plays with himself and has sperm on his hands or somethin then fingers you, can you get pregnant?

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YEP! If the guy has any sperm/semen on his hands, it is a possibility... so be careful...good luck.. :]

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Yes, there is a small chance if there is sperm on his hands and he then fingers you that the sperm may entire your vagina and you can get pregnant. So, if you don't want to get pregnant make sure that doesn't happen. And anyways, its better to for the guy to have clean hands when he fingers you, especially if he enters you to cut down on the risk of irritation and infection.

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if he has sperm on his fingers and fingers you with them then yes no matter how to gets there there will be a chance.

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Only if the sperm/semen is fresh. Try to avoid this!

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