Can I get pregnant if I have never had my period and I fingered me?

Ummm ok so I know im only 14v but im a bit easy but ugly so its not like im gettin a guy anytime soon. I wanted to see what it feels like so I fingered my self and let me tell you it was hot and realll intense. I even got my hairbrush and stuck it up there and damn did it feel good . Cum came out and everything! Great experience. So any way I have never gotten my period. So I was wondering if I can still get pregnant without ever gettin my period before . Please please help me I dont want to screw up my life and im really nervous!!! :’(

Answer #1

no guy- not pregnant.. easy as that..

Answer #2


wait…wait…AHAHAHAHAHA, you fucking government taking away sex-ed, look what you’ve done!!! read funadvice!!! damnn

Answer #3

God damn the sadistic religious fools that keep proper sex education out of reach of most children.

You can’t get yourself pregnant. You’re not a mushroom, or a tapeworm.

Answer #4

ahahha, okay, nice to know..? little to much information. just saying. but uhm, you can’t get pregnet if you don’t have your period.

Answer #5

Yet another reason they should not have taken sex ed out of schools.

You can not get pregnant unless a sperm fertilizes your egg. The only way for sperm to get up there is by having a male ejaculate inside of you, or getting artificially inseminated.
The only way a male can ejaculate inside of you is to actually have sex with him. You have not done that so you have nothing to worry about!

However, if you do decide to have sex with a guy, you CAN in fact get pregnant without ever having a period. So stay protected! Not to mention that pregnancy is NOT the only drawback to unprotected sex. STD’s like HIV, herpes, Hepatitis B, andHPV are INCURABLE!

Answer #6

I meant without haven sex wit a male

Answer #7

you can not get pregnant with having sex with a male. you are not the virgin mary honey

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