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Can I get a job ( Important!!)

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This is One of the most important Question I ever ask on here I think. my Family dont get Ton of cash like everyone else -.-. Am 15 going to be 16 on june 6th. I need some extra cash -.- but I got no clue on how to go about getting a job. Am a hard worker. Dependable dont quit or nothing. but still got no clue on how to get a job. If I get a job my life would turn in a Big turn for the good. but am shy and I got a Speech problem. So my mother dont think no one wont hired me -.- which dont help none -.- can someone please tell me. If am able to get a job. if so how would I get one ect. ect. ( this is very important =[ ) I know I would be a great worker. I don't know I just want to make something out my life. right now I cant see myself having a future -.- =[