Can i get a car loan having welfare as income?

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No, you'll need to have a regular job.

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Car loans are a dime a dozen, but which one should you go for? Especially if you are a prudent consumer with a balanced budget, getting the right auto finance can be quite a challenge, what with so many auto finance providers thrusting their offers in your face. Your dealer may even offer to do it for you. While this sounds really tempting, it may prove to be a costly affair. So do your own thing and check out the auto loans yourself.

You can get these loans from a variety of sources, like banks and financial institutions and online financing companies. Dedicated auto finance companies usually offer better terms if you approach them directly rather than through some middleman. You should also keep in mind that your credit rating affects the interest rates and the amount of advance you can easily get, so if the picture is not too good on that front, you can begin by working towards improving your credit rating.

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