can I conceive the day before my priod and start a reg. period

ok.. im soo confused. I hear so many different answers. here’s my problem. I have been havinf sex for a couple of days, and everytime my husband has came inside me. the last time was the day before my period. the next day I started my period. it has been light then heavy then light again. please im so confused, someone please help me understand. thank u.

thank u, ana a

Answer #1

I don’t think you’re pregnant - generally women don’t ovulate that close to their cycle, it’s not impossible though, depends on your cycle.

Answer #2

True dia,u might nt be pregnant,bt what I hear is when you have a short cycle e.g 24 days you myt ovulate during your periods bt it daent apply to everybody tho also a day before your periods your safe …if you want to b pregnant gudluck and hpe I helpd u!

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