Can Anyone help me??

can anyone Help me to do my Student Council speech candidancy for the position of Board of Directors,,,thanKs,, pLzz help me…

Answer #1

Well, if you are going to be the Board of Directors or in ANY upstanding position for that matter, you shouldn’t have people helping you make speeches. If you can’t make a decent speech for a position you want, then somebody else deserves the position that is better able to do the work that comes along with it. Take a position because you think you can handle the responsibilities, not just because it is ‘cool’ to have that position. Sorry if that comes off as harsh, but it is very true.

Answer #2

If you were chosen to do it, then do it.

We’re not going to write the whole speech for you. This is your thing you have to do lol.

Well if you really need help, ask your friends.. Not random people on the internet.

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