can anyone give me evil dares?

could you possibly tell me some evil dares that use the following supplies?

supplies: 2 black skateboarding shoes, two dried up old socks, and a blanket

Answer #1

this is pretty evil. the sister must tie up her naked brother good on his bed, then she must jack him off till he shoot cum shots in a bottle then repeat this till the bottle is half full of cum shots. oh before all this has started, be sure to film it.
so once the film is rolling and the bottle is half full, make your brother open his mouth and get him to drink all of his cum shots. then make several copies of the film and send it to all of your girls.

Answer #2

Drench both the shoes and socks in water to get them really smelly and make someone wrap themselves up in the blaket with them. = evil smelly gross

Answer #3

wair the smely old socks like gloves for one minute put a scateboard on front of any door and ty the blanket on any ones shoes and take the socks of and tell any one to smell yourhand and your hand should smell as your socks if you dont want the smell wash your hand with soap

Answer #4

to skateboard through the neighborhood naked wearing the dried up socks and wearing the blanket like a cape!!!

Answer #5

Tie the blanket around you’re bottom like a diaper wear the dried up old socks on your hands like gloves and nothing more than you’re shoes and …do kart wheels down the street… =p

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