Can all girls cum or just some of them?

Can all girls cum? Or just some of them?? If you can tell me how it feels…do you like it?? Does it make a mess??

Answer #1

Cumming is messy. but it makes your tingle and feel great

Answer #2

everygirl cums unless they got some problem with them you men are diffrerent then women but yes it feels like when you are about to have an orgasm you forget everything around you ecept what your feeling trust me its one of the best feelings women can imagine :)

Answer #3

yes and it feels absolutly great

Answer #4

Every girl I’ve been with has had an orgasm (or so they’ve told me…lol). As far as ejaculating only three have done it with force of “squirting” and it was awesome. I wish every girl I was with did that. Believe me I try to make it happen. I enjoy making a girl climax even if I don’t (of course you know I do). And for the ones that say it is gross and that agirl shouldn’t cum are selfish idiots. A girl should enjoy a good orgasm even more so than the man.

Answer #5

yeah definately girls cum but if someone can!!! I hve dne sex lots of time and omg wht d feeling it is. reali wonderful, top of d world!!! alwz enjoy my cum. my boyfrnd calls me sexiest girl thz why…

Answer #6

I’ve been having sex with my boyfriend since february, and I’ve’e never cum :|

I about to but only when am on top doin the work and I tell him I’m about to because I cant go no more and he starts doin the work but I never seem to ejaculate ?! what can I doo?? !

Answer #7

Every woman sweetheart. When she orgasms she cums. unlike you it comes out and it vrey obvious, and your able to see it. How does it feel when you cum? Good right? For us too!!! when i orgasm, it comes in ripples and waves, and it affects my whole body. it’s an indescribable feeling. Hope that answered your question son. and yes we LOVE it!!!:-)

Answer #8

All girls and when you do it feels so good!

Answer #9

to the little boy –aka– hi1

omg! you apparently don’t care to please your girl and only yourself. This is sad and pathetic. You need to realize it’s NOT only about yourself when it comes to sex. You need a lot of growing up.

Answer #10

Fau it depends how wet you are sex is not like clockwork it takes a lot of practice the more you do it the better it feels. no you dont have a lot of blood lol some girls dont have any blood.

back to the question at hand all girls cum it just depends how randy you are and how much you are loving the feeling. sum girls squirt but not all of them but yeah every girl cums

hope I help

Jo x

Answer #11

well from my experience to me its when you get the tingles all over and you start to shake from the excitement, and then when its reached it point it just comes out and I feel a sorta relief and feel so good. lol to be exact it feels kinda like when you need to pee and when you let it out relief. but its not peeing. lol

Answer #12

“well I’ve had sex many times and I have never cum…I dont think. every guy I’ve done it with asks..did you cum? im like I dont know!!! so how do I know if I’ve cum?? I know it sounds like a stupid question but…the last boyfriend I had made me feel terrible because he said why dont you ever cum? like it made me really self consious and just all the time calling me a liar and saying I would fake orgasms…so how do I know??”

Dont even let anyone make you feel bad, lots of women cant cum when they first begin having sex. Sometimes for years. All it takes is practise. Noone is born knowing which way to make themselves cum(unless your male) so start working on it. Practise playing with yourself everyday in everyway. You can also try a vibrator, they feel great! Whatever you do dont take that crap from a guy. YOu should be asking him what has he done to help you cum? Cause abviously fucking is not enough for you!

Answer #13

Hi Im a guy, and a girl cuming is gross I would rather a girl not cum thats disgusting only guys should cum not girls deffently a turn off for guys

Answer #14

Alright well there is a BIG difference between a female orgasm and female ejaculation. It is possible for a woman to ejaculate without even orgasming, I know this from personal experience. It’s not at all like male ejaculate, it’s a clear liquid and it literally squirts out of the urethra. And it makes a HUGE mess, like pee to bed mess. Some women can squirt, some can’t. They say that it takes g-spot stimulation for a female to ejaculate but I’ve done it without anyone being near my g-spot.

Answer #15

I cant cum… =( I dont know how

Answer #16

no im the same I never no if if cum or not and even if I ever have but I never been with anyone long enough for them to ask the q’n…thats what makesm e sooo self consious in sex,,,I hardly ever orgasm …only in doggy style!any tips…

Answer #17

That was response to sidneesamone16

Answer #18

I’ve made my girl cum and it’s like squirting just look it up on any porn website it’s just a stream of clear liquid and it goes kinda far depending on the girl and trust me it feels really good to her

Answer #19

Can someone please, please help me? My boyfriend & I have had sex plenty of times ever since February & i don’t know if i’ve cummed or not? I don’t recall to ever feeling “tingles” or anything else. Can it really take awhile for a girl to cum?

Answer #20

I cum or squirt alot you have to kinda push it out a bit only some can cum idk why

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