Campaign for Obama

Does anyone here(on this site) campaign? If so, maybe you and me and really help Obama go out there and ask people to please vote for Obama on the election day.

Answer #1

My husband and I did vounter work for Obama during the primary and we are planing to do more for the election. I hope anyone can do the same too. We all need to do anything that w can do to help Obama win the seat.

Answer #2

Most towns have campaign headquarters for the candidates. go and volunteer! it is a great way to “get into” politics. if you don’t know where the headquarter is, go to the official website for the candidate and there should be information or a contact. It is good to work for your candidate. :) go obama!

Answer #3

I don’t mean to campaign on this site … what I meant is go out there… like in your neighborhood and actually talk with people. I do know that campaign on this site is not going to work. Sorry for not being clear with my words.

Answer #4

Well, I live in Germany right now so door-to-door campaigning is difficult, but I have talked to a few Germans in my neighborhood and they really want Obama to win :)

Answer #5

amblessed… I think I hear you… but you know what? That’s not good. I just hope that she will help with out trying to get something.

Answer #6

Amoeba is right on. Just seek out the local HQ.

I have worked on two campaigns before. The most recent was in 06, I worked on a campaign to unseat my congressman, peter king. An ignoramous if I have ever met one. I never worked on Presidential campaign, only because here in NY there is never a doubt that it will go Democrat. I toyed with the idea of going to Ohio in 04 to help with the Kerry campaign. But just couldn’t make it happen.

I have donated to campaigns a few times. I did for Edwards early on, and I will for Obama in the general. Anything to keep Old Man McCoot away from the button…

Answer #7

Hillary will help but only if there’s something in it for her.

Answer #8

If you campaign on this site for Obama or anyone that would be spaming…much like this mesage.

Answer #9

I’m going to go campaign for Morgan Freeman. . .

Answer #10

I’m afraid Campaigning would be considered solicitation. . We really don’t encourage that here.

Answer #11

LOL… Why will you do that… what do Morgan Freeman running for?

Answer #12

Asking people to help you campaign in the real world is not a problem on Funadvice.

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