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For awhile now I have been really wanting to get started in filming short films. But everytime I get closer to this idea, I get stuck on what type of camera I, a beginning film maker, should buy and use. My parents have one but it records with some weird format that doesnt let me edit it on my computer... Any ideas?

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I've found sony Hi8 camcorders to work very well and they are cheaper than the miniDVD camcorders while having very good picture and sound quality.
you dont really need much editing "software" to make short films, a simple 5 minute film with actors can be done in one shot or many (rewind and try again)
audio can be edited with windows movie maker ( to add a soundtrack or something)

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Uhm well I would start off with a DVR (digital video recorder) so a DVD or a Hard Drive Camcorder... If budget is tight then a Hi8 will work aswell but you will need a capture card (which can be used later for other things :) ) Also editing programs and if you want to produce it yourself to then audio programs :) if you just want to play around then you can use Windows Media Player or something that comes free with the OS. good luck its loads of fun.

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