How many calories in a black tea with one sugar?

how many calories in a black tea and 1 sugar?

Answer #1

its just that im on I diet were im aiming to lose 1-2 lbs a week sensibly but im lactose intolerent so I was just wondering

Answer #2

I dont know but try herbal teas instead. black tea stains your teeth ! and herbal teas taste better, I like the strawberry ones. lol x

Answer #3

Tea only has a few calories per cup or glass so most people consider it to be zero. A 1/10 oz packet or cube of sugar contains 11 calories.

Answer #4

A black tea on its own has 5 calories. Herbal tea is much nicer :D

Answer #5

in black tea and one sugar there is 17 calories 1 in the tea and 16 in a spoon of sugar this is information for england x

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