What can I do to calm my nervous cat?

Everytime we take my cat on car rides he ends up pooping and peeing himself because he is afraid. We usually stick him in his litter box because we rather have the mess contained.what are somethings i could do to make him more comfortable, or even how to sedate him so we dont have to lug the large cat box.

Answer #1

give it some loveee c:

Answer #2

we have tried holding him in our laps and petting him. It doesnt help. I honestly dont appreciate answers that arent very helpful or truly serious

Answer #3

well if hes a new cat you have to leave him alone because he has to adjust or maybe its just his disposition. cats have different personalities

Answer #4

im aware of cats differant personalities ive had many in my time. he is three years old and has moved alot but continues to pee and poop himself everytime he is in the car

Answer #5

There is a product called Feliway that you can spray into his carrier a few minutes before traveling. Its supposed to mimic a pheromone that comforts the cat, and it supposedly works. We have people who buy it quite often where I work. If feliway doesn’t work, you should discuss which medications would work best for sedating your cat.

Answer #6

Discuss with your veterinarian

Answer #7

When I give my cat cat-nip he just kind of chills in a corner somewhere, so maybe give your cat a bunch of cat-nip before the ride, and maybe set some in its cage or wherever. I know my cat needs to be in a cage, otherwise he will claw on someones back or jump around all crazy like.

Answer #8

maby get some cat treets and chuck them to him/her and slowly get closer towards you.x

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