Calling All Guitarists! =] Plsz Help!!!

Any good guitar tips for beginners?

Answer #1

go to walmart and get a chord chart. when I taught myself to play I learned the G chord. its the easiest place to start. but it also depends on genre of music you are wanting to play as well. practice practice practice.

Answer #2

look up guitar tabs to your favorite songs. then try to learn to play them. you should know what they are supposed to sound like and the tabs will help you figure out where to put your fingers and such…

also get a book of commonly used chords, and try to learn the basic ones.

Answer #3

Hmmm when I started out I just played notes over and over and over again… Then I started scales… Then I did rifts…

You kinda just need to find something that works best for you, everyone learns differently…

Answer #4

I think everyone learns G first haha well everyone I know did. lol! odd!

But my advice, thats actualyl very crucial and many overlook is to PRACTICE WHAT YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT. if you can play a G, but not a Bm, than dont sit there and play G over and over just because you can, otherwise youll never grow as a musician. Dont play things over and over, try to learn something new each session and COMMITMENT IS #1.

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