why they called it the world baseball series if all the teams are from north america?

do you know why, or all of us we have been fooled this time thinking is the world series, it should be called the national series or the final series what do you think?

Answer #1

I think it should be national. There is a world outside of north america.

Answer #2

Because basically the world of baseball consists mailny of North America. What other countries are you going to include in there?

Answer #3

Japan has a baseball league (good players, too) and many professional players in the US come from Puerto Rico…not sure if Puerto Rico has enough to field a team, but Japan has many teams.

Outside of those two places, though, I don’t think baseball is very popular, b/c Cricket is pretty big and is very similar.

Answer #4

The baseball teams are made up of players from all over the world. Just because you play for NY Yankees doesn’t mean your from New York.

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