why have you been called complicated?

Answer #1

I get called complicated a lot. It is because I am too emotional, I refuse to accept things the way they are, and I think things through over and over again. Every little thing a person says or do I think of if subconsciously there is a reason, or an ulterior motive.

Answer #2

I’d rather be called complicated tha be called simple. Seriously though, that is a really good question and i’ll have to think on it.

Answer #3

Because I change moods 24/7 haha. Well, I actually don’t, but for some reason people think I do. As soon as I’m quiet- everybody’s like Omg what’s wrong? And I’m like wow nothing I’m just not talking haha.

Answer #4


Answer #5

I’ve never been called complicated lol. I’ve been called a freak for my random moods swings but I’ve never been called complicated.I’m pretty easy to read if you know me well xD

Answer #6

Never been called complicated, but difficult or a princess with attitude are some I get called… My reply to these negative words, are usually, “it’s not me who is being difficult, it’s you being a di-ck and not understanding me”.

Answer #7

i get called complicated bc i also have an emotional side and like many who call me “bipolar” my emotions change very quickly

Answer #8

Because I’m often very indecisive. Sometimes I don’t even know what I want. xD

Answer #9

nope, but its bound to happen soon! (:

Answer #10

Can’t say I have ever been called complicated. Bull-headed, as$hole, smart-as$, jerk, stubborn, geek. Those I have all been called and are pretty much true :P.

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