What do you call a phone with a keyboard?

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There are *tons* of phones that have full keyboards....blackberry is just one of them.

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You call them qwerty phones....but usually, I just say keyboard phone. Blackberry is just one type of phone.

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It depends on what type of keyboard. Qwerty is a type of keyboard, so is azerty and qwertz. They usually have it on the box or little manual on what type of keyboard it is. I have the iPhone and its proper name is qwerty touch screen keyboard

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Almost all cell phone carrier's build their phones with a keyboard, there is no name for them, just a cell phone with a keyboard attached. They are easier to use, unless your used to the letters with in separate buttons like on the phones that have no keyboard.

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Rumor, blackberry,etc. Theres a buncha links on google.com

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my phone opens and has a keyboard, it also ha two screens.
i have the keybo 2.
it is just one of the many keyboard phones, but i like it. (Y)

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Blackberry is just a brand. I have a Razzle(from verizon) and it has a keyboard.

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