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Calculating concentration when volume is ml- need help fast!

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Alright im doing the writen part of my chemestry sumitive evaluation. Is a urinallisis test and we need to determin how lily each patient is to get kidney stones. Part of this is calculating the concentration of ca in the percipitates that formed from our exparaments. The thing is I've lost my notes on calculating concentration, I just googled it and got this (most helpfull):

E.g. What is the concentration of 125cm3 solution containing 0.585g of nacl?
Nacl no. Moles = mass / mass of 1 mole
Mr=1xna + 1xcl


Concentration = no. Of moles / volume
=0.01/0.125mol l-1
=0.05mol l-1

The concentration is 0.05mol l-1.

I understand it, but the volume they have here is cm(cubed), and my exparaments are in ml. Is it the same thing or do I need to divid into l (I think I do)

Please, if I fail this it'll drop my mark to 59%