What can i buy to get rid of warts on my vagina?

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I would suggest you see a doctor...there aren't many over-the-counter medications that can control genital warts.

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my friend used apple cider vinegar on them.. and some fell off.. its painful though so becareful.. she drenched a cotton ball with the vinegar and then placed a bandaid over it and kept it on her vagina there till the next morning..then wiped to see little spots come off the next day.. kinda gross but i think this will help you

buying a section

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i agree thats an STD isnt it?

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ya if u get warts u mite wana c a doctr bcuz that can be a rely bad infection or diseace

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woah. thats a sign of hpv. it can cause ovary cancer and infertility. go see a doc asap

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Thats what I thought.

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