Does Best Buy's buy back program work if you bought an Ipad from Walmart?

i saw a comercal were they said they would take your device (in my case an ipad) and traid you for the newer version (ipad 2). would it still work if we didn’t buy it from best buy, and also do you have to pay any extra?

Answer #1

I think that would be something you really need to ask Best Buy, so that you are not misinformed. Nobody is really going to know besides Best Buy.

Just look up their number, and give them a call. I’m sure they’d be happy to answer your question.

Answer #2

However, I am pretty sure you have to have purchased the product from their store, in order to be able to trade it for a newer version later on.

Answer #3

I would assume not. Otherwise they wouldnt be getting any business.

Answer #4

idont think so . but you can call and ask

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