Where can i buy nice makeup for cheap?

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clairs? icing? target?

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Go to two or three different stores and compare the price. on line shopping for make up usually is a bit expensive. Yet, I would suggest not to use any bland of make up. cheap make up may give your skin bad side effect?

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Well, if you want really cheap make up... you can try places like Wal-Mart or dollar stores. However, if you want better quality make up without spending a fortune... you can try Amazon.com, Ebay, or similar.

Drug stores often have decent make up, and it's not too expensive.

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Rite Aid always has cute and cheap stuff there, but I prefer Sephora!

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good and affordable brands would be revlon, maybelline and covergirl.
they give high-end performance without the high-end price. you can buy them at target or walmart... most department stores. good luck :)!

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I like Sally's

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i love almay and nyc make up and they r pretty cheap, also anything from avon

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