Where can you buy good, but cheap jewelry?

Answer #1

I don’t believe any cheap jewelry is going to be good, but Claire’s in the mall has a lot of jewelry and they’re pretty cheap.

Answer #2

Try online, ebay sells lots of jewelery at cheaper prices.

Answer #3

abc trading company or icings

Answer #4

i always bought from online,like this jerseys2trade.com

Answer #5

i would usually rely argos or your local ramsdens

Answer #6

PRIMARK!!!!! I just bought the world cutest ring and matchine earring set from there for £1

Answer #7

theres no such thing as good cheap jewelry. it will be fake and turn u green!

Answer #8

If you buy fake gold or anything similar, they say you should put clear nail polish and that should make it last longer. And you can buy it in stores like Kmart.

Answer #9

i got as ring at claire’s and it made my finger green. i dont think thats a good ides. like i said. good cheap jewelry doesnt exist.

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