How do you buy books on the nook ebook?

is there giftcards or do you have to use a credit card? or can you hook it up to itunes or something like that, lol idk!

Answer #1

i have an e rader, and u just look up the book u want , put ur info in and buy it, im not sure if it is different on the nook… good luck though

Answer #2

first, before buyin books, u hav to mak an barnes and noble account, if u havent already, nd register ur nook. (ether frm a computer or ur nook) then after all of tht, get an default credit card.. (ex. an visa, mastercard…put in the number of the card and the date it expires an adult did it for me :) and then it will be set up for u ([link removed]) also, u can shop for nookbooks on ur computer, an on the nook menu under shop. just put in the book u want, and after touchng a few buttons ur ebook will be sent to u in seconds!!!:) hope tht helps!!!! (//)

Answer #3

o and yes, there is a giftcards u can buy for it. u can find them at bestbuy or where u bought ur nook. happy reading!!!!

Answer #4

o and mak sure ur nook connected to the internet through wi-fi first

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