Where can you buy an mp4 from?

I was just wondering where you can buy an mp4 from???

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lol mp4 haha why not an mp5?

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lmao there is an mp4... buy a zune from zune.com or target... zune is a 60gb player.. you can put like 25000 songs and like 200 hours of video or somtin.. itz very nice. iyz liek 250 dollars.. but ya try target

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There is such thing as an mp4 - its the lastest MPEG standard, for video in portable players such as the iPod and whatnot. If you're looking for mp4 files, iTunes is a good reliable place to buy them. If you're looking for an mp4 player (portable device), then any decent electronics store should stock them.

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there is no such thing. mp3 means storing music on something

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yea, there's actually an mp4. You can store music and movies into it. My friend got hers from ebay-but it got messed up after 2 days of use.

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there is actually an mp4 my sister ownes one

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ok thanks guys

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