what should i buy? i have 175$$ and have no clue what to buy with it??

Answer #1

Clothes, books, cds, movies, go to a theme or water park for the day, concert tickets, save it, purses, re-decorate your room, maybe an instrument you want to learn how to play, get your hair done, get a pedi and mani, new swimsuits, pay offa bill that you have, treat some friends to dinner, theres so many options.

Answer #2

i know its a stupid question, but i want to spend my money on me ( not to be selfish), i have no bills, i dont want clothes cause i have to many, and i have no clue what book i would like, my room already has just been decorated, so has my hair, my mom does my nails, already got 2 swimsuits…..Lol

Answer #3

Gym membership, tattoo or piercing (if your mothers okay with it), spa day, new panties and bras (every girl feels sexy in new panties and bras), jewelry, henna tattoos, portable dvd player, ipod, there has to be something you want.

Answer #4

Well my dear, since you have everything you need, why not just save it til you really need it!!!

Answer #5

lol. im only 13, i already have an ipod touch,it got dropped in the water though, so some parts on the screen wont work): bras and panties sound good, but 175$ worth sounds a bit crazy, lol

Answer #6

Do you absolutely need to spend it all right now? If I were you, I’d save and buy something good. If you don’t have a laptop or anything like that, you could start saving for one of those. That, or something else.

If you’d rather not, you could still always save it until you find something you really want.

Answer #7

I agree temptress! Save until yolu find something you may need. :)

Answer #8

i would save….but its killing me that i have so much stuff and i dont know what to buy!

Answer #9

well then you just might have your answer right there…you have so much, so why spend it on something else you don’t really need at this present time. We are in a bad time with the economy & money issues…today you may have that $175 dollars at hand…so suppose you go & spend it on something you don’t necessarily need and in a few months from now you see something you may want to buy & your broke, your parents cant afford to get it for you because they have to pay the bills & are a little short…wouldn’t you feel really bad for spending the money you could have had if you just had not spent it on something you did not really need at this present time…? Think seriously for a moment…you will see the point to what I am trying to say…again in the end it is really up to you & you alone can make the final decision, but if I were you I would hold on to that money for a rainy day…who knows what you may see in a month or 2 & then you might really be glad you did not spend that money after all on just something you didn’t need!

Answer #10

My friend, don’t worry! you are a pretty girl, you can buy fabulous handbags, shoes, shiny jewelry,clothes,hat,books and so on! It’s up to you what you buy! I think 175$$ is enough, enjoying your shopping, have a good day! I’m 16, and I often buy beautiful items from http://funadvice.com/r/3k2qtt4ac8 at lower price, I think girls should treat yourself, make yourself fashionable and pretty!

Answer #11

sometimes i have this problem. Well, mostly i have the opposite problem where i have no money and heaps of things i want. But occassionally, i have money and i REALLY want to spend it! The best thing to do, difficult as i know it is, is to wait until there is something specific you actually want. Otherwise you will impusively buy something and you will regret it!

Answer #12

that’s not a lot of money if u are just looking to buy whatever u might as well save it until u have more and actually know what u want

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