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What can I do with a BA degree in Business?

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you can get an MBA
teach high school
get the same internship a high school grad can get
you can utilize your BA to reach a state of enlightenment in which you realize you just spent four years putting off an important decision

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Business Admin is kind of a catch all. You can do just about anything with it, and a lot of places are impressed with a 4 year degree period, because it shows you stick out. But, if I were you, I would specialize in a high need area.

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Depends on your focus of Business. There are many different types of BA's in Business. From entrprenuer, to medical focuses to accounting. So it would depend on what area you wanted to focus on.

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Forevershanda is right.Business has a wide scope and you could have a small job to a real time job.All this depends upon your choice.

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What type of high need area?

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Business Administration

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