Burning calories

What can you do to burn 1000 calories a day

Answer #1

whats ddr hottest party

Answer #2

thats hard! I would ride my bike and I would do some streches. I usally ride my bike around the city a lot. which is usally about 5 mines a day. but I still don’t think I burn 1,000 calories. so I would strech ride my bike and I would do some bush ups! jumpin jacks actully are good too. because they work all of your uperbody muscles. and that will bun some calories too!

Answer #3

I just play ddr hottest party, there is a workout mode that lets you choose how may calories you burn

Answer #4

I don’t know about a 1000 but if you run with a trash bag on it will increase the calorie burn a lot its the chep way of a sweat suit like cut a hole for arms and head then just tuck it in like a shirt then put a shirt over it and run and do a work out like pushs up’s sit up’s do 100 of each like sets of 25 or 15 if to hard try sets of 10

Answer #5

marathon sex. live the dream.


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