What are these small red bumps?

I have these small little red bumps around the outside if my vagina. They sometimes itch and sometimes don’t they don’t hurt. What are they? Could it be from shaving?

Answer #1

i had the same thing they itched but went away after a while, but dats wat happened 2 me, ask ur mom about it, it may be serious

Answer #2

its most likely from shaving… use hot water for a couple of minutes before you shave… if they don’t go away.. .see a doctor

Answer #3

More than likely because your shaving in a sentive spot

Answer #4

well it could be from how old you are. if youre yound pubs. and it could even be hives from stress if you are not sure about the shaving part though.

Answer #5

I have the same thing and Im not sure either. My mom is a nurse and my stepdad is a PA so Im going to ask them. I use shaving cream in that area so I dont think it could be from that.

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