bulky discharge

when im on my period and I take out my tampon or change my pad or simply go to the bathroom there is this kind of discharge but that looks like a ball of skin (or like fat from meat.) that is all full of blood, it started off small and now it fits in the palm of my hand, im VERYY worried that there is something wrong w. that, to start off I dont even know what that fat skin type of thing even is, and the worst part, why is there so much of it??

Answer #1

it’s probably blood clots which are normal durring your period but if they get too big or cause you pain or other problems there is medicine you can get from your obgyn to make them less severe

Answer #2

.. its juss alotta dischargee, your body releases those to clean out the vaginaa & get rid of bacteria.. & When theres a lot, its porbably cause theres alotta bacteria going on inside, So make suree its clean down there .

Itss just a lot of discharge covred in your blood ..

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