Bone Thugs~N~Harmony fan anyone else like them?

Im a huge Bone Thugs~N~Harmony fan, just let me know im not the only 1

Answer #1

Hell yea, playa they da badest

Answer #2

yeah they are amazing , I like them

Answer #3

hell yeah, but I just mostly like Bizzy himself.

Answer #4

yes I Love Bone thugs I went to their concert and the after party and it was awesome

Answer #5

And beside Bone Thug, what do you like? :)

Answer #6

there okay I only like one song(which the name of it I cant remember)and its a(n)old 1 but dey kool tho and the lightskin one with the wild hair isss 2oo cute lol

Answer #7

im more of a krayzie bone person, but I like 95% of their songs, im also a tpain, t.I, ludacris and juvenille fan

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