What is my half brother's half brother to me?

Answer #1

It depends with which parents. Like your dad with another lady’s son (that being your half brother)?

Answer #2

if your dad has a child by another woman, or if your mother had another child by another man, in either situation the child would be your half sibling

Answer #3

I don’t think there’s an official term for that relationship. I’m guessing that you’re talking about your step parent’s children - the ones he or she had without your parent.

Even if you didn’t have a half-brother, the children belonging to your step-parent would sort of be your “blended family” siblings, or maybe, sibling-though-marriage.

Answer #4

My half brother(leigh) is from my mum but not my dad and leighs half brother is from a different mum AND dad. So i think it is nothing but not to sure…??

Answer #5

Then according to your description, there is not actual name for that relation ship. You can say you are a bit related. Or just say your halfbrother’s halfbrother.

Answer #6

There is no actual relation in that sense. You could class him as family because you have a mutual half brother but that’s pretty much it =].

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