British soaps

Is there anyone else on here that can not stand corrination street, eastenders and soaps like that? They are so famous and so many people sit down and watch them every night. I dont get why. They are all really annoying.

Answer #1

I think people like them so much it because stuff happens on there which they can relate to in real life

I mean tbh some story lines are abit ott but yanno …

Answer #2

I only like eastenders, the others can be too fakeeish. eastenders is reallly good compared to otherrs ! im like obsessed w ith it! x

Answer #3

ye thyr really annoying

I onli like waterloo road

bt my friend never comes out or does anything, because she is always watching either soaps or stuf like big bro!

Answer #4

I like eastenders but thats it I dont find them that annoying depends on what you like watching.

Answer #5

omg! thank-god I thought I was too I can’t stand them…annoying…

Answer #6

CAnt stand them!!! way to dramatic I go with comides!!!

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