Why did my breasts decrease from a size C to an A after giving birth?

My child is now 14 months and they are still gone. I miss them a lot and do not feel the same. I am really down about it and want them back, how do i get them back??? please help.

Answer #1

Its actually quite commen for your breast size to decrease after giving birth and breast feeding. Unfortunatly when it happens nothing can be done except for surgical breast enhancement (implants). When our bodies go through such rapid weight gain/loss during pregnancy and our breast size changes during breast feeding…its normal for them to be smaller or not has firm and perky afterwards.

Answer #2

Would peck excercises help them to appear bigger?

Answer #3

happens to me too….

Answer #4

didnt happen to me but it happened to my friend. she just went with it, yeah she was really mad but she eventually got over it.

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