What does breast tenderness feel like while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, what does breast tenderness feel like? Is it different then, when you are on your period, and they hurt? Like my period stopped a week ago, and my right breast hurts, like a kind of shooting pain, I guess I could say. And I never had breast tenderness after my period in my life. Its like on the top of my breats ans it goes down to my nipple.

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I know what you mean. I think im pregnant to and I have to same pain but from the side into my nipple.

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I dont think its because your pregnant. But I could be wrong. When my friend was pregnant her breast didn't start to hurt until she was about 2 months. I don't know. You should try a pregnacy test anyways. If your not then You really should go to the doctors. But on the other hand your breast hurt when their just growing. But if your sexually active, I would try and find out if you were pregnant!

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well it turns out I was pregnant

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Jay_007 first of all congrats. I have question for you. Im feelin the same kind of pain but mine comes and goes. Kinda feels like someone pinching my nipple on my left breast. Is that the kind of pain you was getting. But its only one breast. We only had unproteted sex about 5 days ago surly this to soon for symptoms to start?

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I am scared that I might be pregnant the only sign of pregnancy I have had is sore boobs and they arentthat sore it is just around the aerolas do you think I am pregnant

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I started my period on july 22nd at night it was really light pink didnt even stain the toilet and I put a pad on but it would take more then hour to fill the pad so it can lookk like its dark red but its weird cause my period wasnt suppose to come untill the 24th of july anyways I had it very light for 2 days and then it stopped on the third day and only when I would go to the bathroom and wipe I would have a light pink color on the tissue but everytime I am done with my period my breast dont hurt and I stop cramping , but this time my period stopped and now my right nipples has been hurting and wont stop hurting espeacially in the morning can anyone give me advice

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im not pregnant I know that for a fact because im still a vergin im 14 years old and my breast hurts and it has been hurting for 7 months and it feels slightly thicker than my other breast and it feels like it is hurting at the side but when I touch it its sort of like the nipple but abit above my nipple I am really scared and I dont want to go doctor and my mum tells me not 2 be stupid because its just growing pains and I havve left it for 7 months now and it still hurts and im worried and when I google for my answers everyone is talking about periouds and pregnancys and im not looking for them answers and I would really appriciate some advise cause im scared ? and dont want doctors looking at my breast no matter how serious it is but if I have got breast cancer and someone tells me I have then obviously I will let them look then so please someone give me answers x?

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Sounds unlikely your are pregnant. However we must not rule it out!

Do you have any discharge or bleeding from the nipple of the effected breast? Do you check your breasts regularly for lumps and abnormalities?
If there is no apparent lumps or puckering of the nipple then I suggest you take a bath and place a hot flannel on the breast (as hot as you can stand it )
give the breast a gentle squeeze to see if anything thing discharges, f rom it
you may find this may help and it will go down by the next day, if not then I suggest you see your GP and tell him, you could ask him about a pregnancy test .
I hope this was helpful to you

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@ lura
I have done specialization in problems and growth of breasts in teenage. The breast pain is normal at this stage in about 7 out of 10 girls. Your mom is right about the cause. Tell me whether your nipples hurt alongwith your upper part of breast??

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they are usually sore, but breast tenderness could be caused by other things. Not all your periods are going to be the same as well as some of the effects of being on your period and coming off of it. if you have had unprotected sex there is always a possibility of pregnancy. if you haven't missed your period then you shouldn't have to worrry but it doesn't hurt to take a test to make sure.

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