Should I start dating someone else too?

UMMM Me and my boyfriend broke up and he is dating someone now and I need a guys opinion on this should I start dating someone else now?

Answer #1

Sorry i’m not a guy but here’s what i think; If you find someone that you really like and he likes you, then definetlly go out with him. But its ok not to have a b/f for a while…its a lot better to wait for someone really great to come along than to just go out with someone for the hell of it. Hope this helps!!!

Answer #2

If you feel that you should than go ahead if u want to move on then its probably the best decision but if u still want to be with him then talk to him after if his relationship fails. It all depends on how u feel

Answer #3

a femalespoint of veiw

absouloutly i think cuz hes moved on u shud 2 make himn see what hes missing out on and find a guy that is tripple the man he is!

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