What are good breakup songs that aren't too depressing?

Ok I want some really good breakup songs. But I dont want to be like “OMG IM GOING TO KILL MYSELF BECAUSE YOU DUMPED ME!!!” I want them to be like rock-ishy…

-Thank you [:

Answer #1

Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) by Lady Gaga - poppy, but a blase break-up song.

Answer #2


-HEELS OVER HEAD -ME, YOU, AND MY MEDICATION -UP AGAINST THE WALL -THUNDER >>>this one is kinda depressing though

MOST of their songs are pretty good though.

Answer #3

she f*cking hates me by puddle of mudd

gone forever by papa roach

the last kiss by afi

you f*cked up my life by blink 182

the take over the breaks over by fall out boy

f*ck you right back by frankee

comming undone by korn

one last kiss by madina lake

liar by taking back sunday

your own disaster by taking back sunday

let it die by three days grace

well I hope that helped =]] I could think of so many more but ya =]] lol

Answer #4

My heart is the worst kind of weapon by fall out boy is a good one. :)

Answer #5

uhm… hands down by dashboard confessional is a happy song.

Answer #6

anything by dashboard confessional

Answer #7

Cage - The Subtle Art Of A Break Up Song

Answer #8

I would try “ the potiential break - up song “ by ally & aj , it’s kind of a rock song

Answer #9

Bad Day by daniel Powter

Answer #10

thank you [:

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