What can i buy to remove the orange color from my hair?

What can I buy at the local store to remove the orange/brassy color from trying to use a home blonde hightlighing kit?

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Hi! Go to a beauty store and ask for Shimmer Lights... or AKA the "Purple Shampoo".. It takes out brassyness.. I have used it MANY times.. and it takes the orange tint out of my hair!!

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I had this same problem like a month ago. I tried to go from a dark brown to a blonde with an at home kit. it turned my hair orange at the roots and looked horrible! I went to a salon to get it fixed and the stylist told me that you cannot go from a dark color to a lighter color unless you highlight it with bleach. she had to do a color correction for me and she put some darker highlights mixed in with blonde ones to make it blend. so if were you I would go somewhere to get it fixed unless you want to bleach your hair out and make it completely blonde.

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don't buy store color they have metallic salts in them which can ruin your hair go to a beauty supply store most beauty supply store workers are either students or already licensed cosmetologists and then they can help you pick out wut u'll need right there in the store

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I had a very orange hair after I bleached it in a very professional salon. I did not panic or anything. She did everything correct. She put a ling chocolate color that I chose. After I got orange hair. They could not correct right away. I went home and I come back a week later. I chose number 7 in the blonde chart and my hair got a beautiful light blond. I was very happy indeed.

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If you lightened your natural hair, you can buy an ash colored, blue-based dye at the store. It must not say "golden". Off the top of my head, Starlet by L'Oreal is a good one. If you had dyed your hair dark and then lightened it, you probably have dye trapped in your hair; so, in that case, it might be better to use the hair color remover kit by L'Oreal first, and then use the toner/color, if it's still needed. Also, invest in the purple shampoo for old people, usually its on the bottom shelf of drugstores. *It is normal to get the orange because dark hair needs lightened in two steps: first, you get the dark out ("bleach/ligten"), then, you correct the color to get the red/orange base out ("tone/color"). If a professional can learn this, so can you!

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