What's the best brand and your favorite smell of deoderant?

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Well, I'm allergic to most deodorants. So there's not much I can use.
The kind I love and can use is Secret.
It smells really good.

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Secret! :D Smells really good and lasts a long time!

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I actually use Secret too, haha. I like "vava vanilla" the best, it smells pretty good :)

What is your favorite cosmetic brand?
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Speed Stick 24/7 Fresh Rush! smells so good

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ANSWER #5 of 9

Old Spice fresh. Ive used it my whole life.

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ANSWER #6 of 9

Impulse, the Hello Kitty ones and Lynx chocolate!

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ANSWER #7 of 9

Rotten zombie meat. (no, just kidding...)

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secret has the best smell, thats what i always use

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I like Nivea. I use it and I like the smell a lot. I also suggest that you share this concern on lifo.com. It is a social network for girls that allow them to freely share their views on beauty and fashion.

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