What brand of fabric glue is best?

Im making my on costume for halloween because i cant find one that i want. I’m making a poison ivy costume (from the comic book) with a skin colored leotard and fake plant leaves. But should i use fabric glue? im afraid if i glue them on then put on the costume they will pop off, but then sewing will take a very very long time to cover the whole leotard ): So what do you think is the best idea? Sewing them on or glueing? if you think glueing, then what is a reliable brand to use that wont have the leaves just peel off when i put it on?

Answer #1

I think that sewing them on would be your best bet. In my opinion, using glue for fabrics is really only good for things that you won’t actually move around a lot (ex. Christmas stockings or decorations otherwise).

If you’re going to be moving the stuff a lot, let alone wear it, the chance of it working as effectively would most likely go down. So although it will take longer, sew it. You have a little over two months to get it done. :)

Answer #2

Fabritac. Its commonly used to stick faux pearls onto bridal gowns, so it would sure do for your outfit. It remains clear, not yellowing and flexible, so your leaves wont snap off. It dries quite quickly too.

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