Why does my bra squeak?

Answer #1

ehrm… is it a strapless one? it might be the uhm rubber stuff rubbing ur skin?

Answer #2

Perhaps it’s from the metal under wire rubbing against the fabric?

Answer #3

usaully thats just the underwire in the bra.

Answer #4

It is the underwire, I just would like to know cause whenever I move, it squeaks and it’s starting to get embarrassing …

Answer #5

Sometimes if I buy a cheap bra from walmart the underwire is plastic and makes this squeakey sound.

Answer #6

Or, the under wire is made of plastic… that would most likely be the cause of your squeaky bra. :]

Answer #7

This one isn’t cheap though :S

Answer #8

If its got the wire, the wire has worn down, or may be out of place! >< it might be too small too :P you need to get yourself a new bra . :)

Answer #9

I think you need to take it off!

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