boys and friends

I need help with a problem I have. my best friends ( practically my sister) boyfriend likes me and I really like him but I dont want to be the reason he breaks up with her or break up my friend ship with her. should I stay friends with him or cut the whole relationship off with him. or let him break up with her and go out with him?

Answer #1

don’t let a guy mess your friendship up. ask the guy if he really wants to be with your friend because if he doesn’t he needs to break up with her because thats not fair to her. and if he doesn’t break up with her then that means he really cares about her and you should just leave them alone

Answer #2

I think if you REALLY want to be with him then you should go for it. and if I were you I would have him tell my boyfriend that he doset want to be with her then I would start to hanging out with him more. then 3 weeks later I would go out with him . then tell my boyfriend it just happen

Answer #3

You should just stay friends with him. Seriously, don’t get in the middle of their relationship, its not worth it. Because then you’ll just end up losing both of them. Don’t sacrifice you best friend for no guy.

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