How can you tell if a new kid at school likes you?

How can you tell if a new kid at school likes you?? I mean, we haven’t spoken to eachother yet, but I asked my cousin to ask him if he’s even noticed me… because I highly doubt it… but he stars at me all the time in every class we have together… but he’s in the popular dudes group and I’m in the outsiders area… I’m hated by almost everyone in my classes… except fer maybe 3-4 people

Answer #1

wow ok so I pretty much have the same situation. a popular boy in 2 of my classes always is looling at me…all I can say is try to have more courage then I do and next time you see him looking at you mouth hey and smile but dont smile too much…I hope that helps

Answer #2

Well you are pretty, I would stare too. But be careful as some popular guys may pretend to like you just to eventually have sex with you and dump you later.

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