Should I go out with a boy I dont know?

ok,my friends are trying 2 hook me up with this boy that I dont even like…then thy’re telling me that this boy likes me,but I dont even know if its true and they want me 2 go out with him! but I dont know if he likes me or not,what shud I do…hhheeelp! shud I stay single or go 4 1 of those boys?

Answer #1

consider your options: you could go out with him and possibly like/love him and become in a great relation. or: you could stay single and wonder about other boys.

if you like other boys right now then you should go for them, but if you dont, give the guy a chance, he may be really lonely, you never know.

Answer #2

I don’t think you should date someone unless you truly like them. Take the time to get to know them and if you don’t like them then tell your friends that. Its nice of your friends to try and help you out but you have to at least like the person or the relationship probley wont be that successful.

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