What do i talk about with my boyfriend's parents?

what do I talk about with tmy boyfriends parents! we have been dating like almost two years and they think I dont like them cause I really talk to him with him there! what do I say!

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You really do have some obligation to be friendly and chatty with his parents. How can they possibly get to know you otherwise? Do you have a good relationship with your own parents? conversation at supper time? Or is it all stuff like "clean your room" and "Can I have a new laptop?"

Try to show some interest in your boyfriends parents' life... Help with dishes after supper, if you've been eating meals at his house a lot, start bringing things --- show some gratitude. A nice plant, chocolates for the whole family... do they have a nice house? Admire some of the artefacts, pictures on the wall, ornaments, whatever, little things. Soon they'll start to make you feel more comfortable.

Smalltalk is good for these situations too, but it's an art. Prepare little things to say. Ask them if hey've heard certain things in the local news, even.

"Did you hear about that family in the east end who lost all their children in a fire? Isn't it terrible??"

"I can't believe it's going to snow for the next 3 weeks..., hope he doesnt let you do all the shovelling..."

"Can you show me some pics of (boyfriend) when he was 7?"

"(Boyfriend) tells me you used to sing in a band/live in the bahamas/drag race up Main Street when you were younger. What was it like?"

Just get to know them slowly. You will probably really enjoy them if you can relax and treat them like people.

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Listen...it shouldn't be hard for you to talk to them. Most parents and children share some interests, so you should be able to talk to them about many of the same things you talk to him about.

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I know you are probably just shy...but sometimes shy comes off as snobby. You don't want your boyfriend's parents to think you are a snob. Just ask them how work went, or if they are going to do anything fun for the weekend. Just anything that will lead to a conversation. I'm sure your boyfriend and his parents will be happy if you make an effort.

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