How can I find a guy worth dating ?

How can I find a guy worth dating

Answer #1

In my opinion beliving in god gets you nothing, But since she has a question and this is not a debate. Dont wait for mister perfect, I may be a guy but im sure I can help somewhat. Just go with guys you like for their PERSONALITY and not looks. Cause looks ussually get you into trouble. Also, If they hit on you first or something ask around about them because they might be a player or something trying to just get in your pants. If nothing else make your own oppertunities. I personally like a girl atm and have never had a girlfriend. And I like her personality because she likes a lot of the stuff I do so we get along really well. But since I value this friendship highly I dont hint at her or anything. So lesson two of the day. Sometimes “just friends” is good. Cause you can still be close with them.

Answer #2

to me[even if I have a boyfriend] I dont need a man to look up to just for hugs kisses or just because everyone else has one…thats shows that your not independent[with im not saying you are] you should just wait because you dont if someone might come up to you and then asks you out and you say yes…date someone who likes you or even if you’ve been noticing a guy at school…make friends with him…let love come to you 1st before you come to love…

^^^ you dont have to take the advice im just telling you^^^

Answer #3

I don’t know!!! Tell me about it I would absolutly love to have a BOYFRIEND I AM IN HIGHSCHOOL AND I DONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! Oh ya… And have NEVER had a boyfriend I really wish I could help you but I cant because im in the same boat as you!! God will give you opportunites and make sure and take them or you will totaly regret it! And remember I am not speaking from experience just from knowlage and opinion. Good Luck though! :) ]

                                                                        ~ The Encourager :) ~
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