Boyfriend wears clothes that are too big, help?

He’s very tall, and very very skinny. with a very small waist… All he wears are t shirts… like… just t shirt… XL’s and larges. he does not look good in big shirts… and his pants dont fit him either… but doesnt bother to wear a belt… I hate how he dresses because he looks funny… He doesnt want to dress like he’s emo. and doesnt want to wear medium shirts “because there too tight” but larges are too big for him…

What can he do? I just want him to look good. he’s a senior this year and dresses very poorly I know how he dresses shouldnt mean anything. or what other people think of him… but to dress nicer when he can shouldnt bug him… are there any websites or stores you think he could go to? he has no style really, hes a video game nerd, and wears mario shirts…

please help before school starts

Answer #1

I sooo understand where your coming from :) My boyfriend is the same, if he had his way, he would be in baggy t-shirts and cargo shorts for every occasions and it annoys me as I want him to look great. I get a buzz when girls tries to flirt with him or hit on him as I know my man is yummylicious so it’s great for my ultra ego ( yes yes I’m weird)

Go shopping with your boyfriend and be upfront if any items doesn’t look good on him, just tell him “do you want to look hot or a bum?”… I find clothes catalogues very usefull, as you can see the clothes on the models and more or less have a faint idea if it would suit him.

As per your second part, if he picks how you dress, then it is only reasonable for you to select items for him to wear too.

It’s ok to be a little bit vain when it comes to your boyfriend looking good and don’t bash yourself over it, he’s your boyfriend and you’re his girlfriend and you want your man to be presentable when he goes out which is understandable..

Answer #2

Thanks Fuitylicious =D

Answer #3

If that’s the way he wants to dress, I think that you should leave him dress that way. He doesn’t specify what you wear, does he? I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it, either.

You can mention something to him if you want to, as I think communication is the key to all relationships, but don’t force anything on him. He is who he is.. Accept, appreciate.

Answer #4

actually he picks at how I dress

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