How do i let my boyfriend know i want to go further with him?

ok well me and my boyfriend have been going out for 4 months 2day and I want to find a way to tell him that I am ready to go further with him but not all the way... now before you say dont rushinto things I am going to say that I love him and I want to go further . I no he is ready too because he keeps like moving his hand up my leg and stuff like that indicating that he wants to go further and frankly our relationship is getting a little boring we need a little fire ... we have only gone to making out and always stop at that . Please help I need a way to tell him that I want to go further but not all the way without actually coming out and saying it ... and another problem is that I cant just come out and say it because 1. I am too shy to say it 2.if I talk about it on aim or a social site my dad will track it ... Please I have my reasons and I no im ready to go further I just need a gesture in a way to tell him

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ahh this isn't going to help much, but I'm in exactly the same posistion.
yes, you may be young, I'm young too :)
but age is just a number right?
when you feel like you want to take thigns further, and you just don't want to say if because incase you feel like a fool.

but tbh, I guess that a guy would try and go as far as he can, until we stop them?
so maybe just like, be loose,
when you're making out, wrap your legs around him and like lean your body into his to make things seem a little more sexual...

sorry if this didn't help though! I just felt the need to comment :')

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wel one day in a part sit on his lap or mabey show him like kissing him in public or if you do grap his hands and put it aroung your waist some time eavin let him grap you butt is not tell him you love him and sweet thing some time smile when he's tolking cudel under his arm ask him to see a scary movie and when you think some thing scary or gross tell him"babby am so scared" or "babby thats is so gross" akt babby lish whith him tell him babby put some pants that is hot and show him what you all about

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Well I came across this section in google and read your posting to get an idea of what this is used for. not sure on your age, but my best advice is never do anything that you are not even comfortable talking about. when you are sure enough of something than you should act like you are confident enough to talk about it. Which brings me to my next point - confidence is one of the most attractive features to have and guys love when a girl knows what she wants and is not scared to say it. but if you still cannot get over the shyness just simply show him what you are willing to do by physical showing him the way and if he starts to go further than you want just look at him and jokingly say "hey buddy, I gave you an inch, let's not take a foot" and then just remove his hands/body and just act like no big deal or "no, no, let's stick to this for now" and smile- believe me, guys are happy with whatever they can get! you will learn that girls/women hold the control and that if you truly believe you love someone, then no conversation is off limits and you should have a open and honest communication. hope this helps.

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4 mos.? Whats your hurry? You obviously lack communication between you two, which in very important in a relationship. You dont plan for these things to happen. If two people really have a connection, and know each other inside and out (which you do not) then things would flow, and just happen on their own! Also, when 2 people are ready, then it will come naturally! Your still very young...Spend more time getting to know him socially, emotionally, and mentally...NOT physically!

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You're not 39. I need to know your REAL age, before I give you any advice...

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Try this::
While you two are making out take his hand and put it on your breast, that lets him know groping is okay, after a little bit of that you could lift your shirt so your stomach is exposed then lay his hand down and slide it down further if it feels comfortable. You can also start things off your self... Place your hand on his leg then make your way up. When you get to the crotch just stop for a second with your hand still relaxed on his jeans. Wait a min and then unbutton and zip his pants. That should put ideas in his head. Just tease him and he'll do everything you say ;)

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well me and my boyfriend was just talkng on the phone one time and somehow started talking about like what we would do with was kinda lame the way we said stuff now that I think about it but that let him and me know what we both wanted. just start saying like come over or something and say if you did (or if I did) what would we do? and just plan it out..and everything should be perfect after that (: plus always ask what hes wearing..and say like oh thats sexy I wish I could be there. sorry if this didnt help!

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just relax, he may bee thinking this to but he doesnt want you to think that he is desperate and its all he wants , ask him to sleep . or if yur out wiht friends say do you want to go for a walk , and try bringing the subject up and it may just come to it , x

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