Why is it that whenever me and my boyfriend talk through text/im, we can't have a good conversation; but whenever we talk face to face, we can?

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It probably just means that you two are more comfortable having a face to face convo which is *never* a bad thing. Some couples can't even have a decent face to face convo cuz of texting and im-ing. :)

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Becasue texting, emailing etc. has no emotion. You can't read someone's facial motions, plus seeing in person allows you to smell each other etc. Text and email are just bad ways to communicate a loving relationship.

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Most conversations are not about the words but the body language. Also, constant texting/IM when there is nothing new to say is sometimes very tiresome. Try talking to friends more, follow your interests. You will find you become more interesting to talk to, leading to more stimulating conversations and basically more happy!

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