How to win over my boyfriend's friends?

How to win over my boyfriend’s friends?

Answer #1

You don’t. You win over your boyfriend instead and if they think negatively of you, he will defend you and they will have to accept you.

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Answer #3

don’t hog your boyfriend, let his friends have time with him too. and when you’re around them, just be yourself… chill, cool.. whatever. and don’t be uptight or clingy when you are around them either.

Answer #4

Just be yourself…Don’t stick up under him too much…Don’t control your boyfriend…Give him time to chill out with his boys…Dont be like overly friendly with his buddies (they might think you’re hitting on them) but then don’t distant yourself either…I guess you can plan something which includes his friends and yours like at skating ring or mall or beach, bar-be-que or something ( I think it will help to break the ice)

But then at the end of the day does it really really matter what people think of you? I mean after all you are in a relationship with your boyfriend not his friends…The most important thing will be what HE thinks of you..

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